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Book Design / Illumination
Yochanan has painted a large number of illuminted Judaica works on parchment and paper. These pieces are in private and public collections throughout the world.
Besides the paintings, he has designed two books, "The Book of Shmuel" for a limited leather bound printed edition and a hand painted Passover Hagadah on parchment.The "Calendar" Collection is a series of twelve paintings inspired by the seasons and Jewish Festivals associated with the months of the year.
quot;Cycle or the Jewish Yearquot; quot;Passover Hagadahquot; quot;Book of Samuelquot; 1
quot;Book of Samuelquot; 2 quot;Book of Samuelquot; 3 March-Purim  from the Calendar Collection
January- Tree of Life-Calendar Collection February-Jerusalem-Calendar Collection May-Independence Day-Calendar Collection
June-Light from the Torah-Calendar Collection November-The Second Temnple-Calendar Collection September-Rosh Ha Shannah-Calendar Collection
October-Festival of Sukkot-Calendar Collection July- The Kotel-Calendar Collection December-Chanuka Lights-Calendar Collection
April-Pesach Seder-Calendar Collection August-Date Palms- Calendar Collection Mizrach with Olive Tree
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